Looking For A Clean, Friendly, & Reliable Tree Service In SLO?

  • Do you have a tree that needs to be trimmed up?

    Do you have questions about the trees on your property on what type of trimming or removal they might need?

    Is there an old tree stump that needs to be removed or grinned down?
  • Looking for a tree service in San Luis Obispo that will give you a Free Quote?

    Is there a tree on your property that you are thinking about getting removed?

    Is there a fallen tree on your property that needs to cut up and removed?

We are fast, clean, and affordable.

We carry the best equipment and trucks that allow us to tackle any type of tree trimming or tree removal quickly and affordably, no matter the location.

We are fully licensed & insured.

We are fully insured & licensed and work to the highest safety standards for our protection and the protection of you and your property.

Experienced Tree Experts

Tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal is not a job for amateurs. Our team members are fully trained in the use of all the tools of the trade of removing and trimming trees on your property.

What Makes Our San Luis Obispo Tree Service Different?

CalWest is an experienced, licensed, and insured San Luis Obispo tree service company that will trim tree or remove unwanted tree off of your property. We offer cost effective solutions to any tree problem you may face. All of our team members are trained in the latest techniques and know how to handle the newest equipment. This guarantees that the job gets finished quickly and safely. We are proud of both our safety record and the number of customers that we have been able to help with their tree problems. So, do you have any type of tree issues in your yard or property? If you do, we are just a quick phone call away.



Tree Trimming

We are certified arborists in the state of California and experts at trimming all types of trees. We trim palm trees, oak, eucalyptus, willow, pine, and all other types of trees here on the Central Coast.

Tree Stump Removal

There are times when all that remains of an old tree is the tree stump. We have the tools and equipment to either grind the stump all the way to ground level or tear it completely out, complete with roots.

Tree Removal

There are times when the life of a tree just comes to an end and it need to be completely removed. Our crew comes in fully equipped with the tools and chippers that will remove a tree quickly and safety

Step 1

Give us a call or fill out our simple email form so you can tell us about what type of tree services you will need.

Step 2

We will evaluate your tree that needs trimming or removal. We will give you a free, no-obligation, estimate.

Step 3

If you agree with the terms, we schedule a day & time to send out our highly trained crew to do the job.

What our customers are saying about our tree service in San Luis Obispo county…

Tammy G.

I called about an estimate at around 10 am. Edwardo came around noon to give us the estimate. We agreed on a price and he had an opening this afternoon. He brought the team and did an excellent job! Wonderful service. They cleaned up well and it was an excellent value all around! I highly recommend them!

Bill B.

I needed a palm tree removed in a tight place so, I Called these guys up to get a quote for removal. I called and immediately received a call from them and quote and were actually at a good price. We agreed to a date and time they would be here to remove the tree and they were here as agreed upon .The where friendly and very knowledgeable and they impressed me in there skills and operation. They were done in a couple hours with leaving my yard and the neighbors yard really clean, in fact it was left like if they were never even there! I would highly recommend this company for sure, in fact I am planning on there return for another tree.

Aaron R.

I called these guys up to see about some tree trimming on my tree in my front yard. The branches were getting way too long. Edwardo was very knowledgeable and friendly. He happened to be near the area and afford to drive by my home and take a look at my tree. He gave me a great quote so I decided to go ahead use them. We set up a day and time. They were quick and super clean! The trimmed up my tree and when the left you would have thought that they were never even there! The tree looks great! I would highly recommend these guys tree services for sure.

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